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Pegasus CMS.

It's your website, you should have control!

Developed in-house, the Pegasus CMS (Content Management System) is a unique response to a common question; "How can I update my site?"

Change Content Quickly & Easily.

Imagine this scenario - your website went live six months ago, the content is becoming stale and no longer represents your business the way you'd like it to. Traditionally you would have to open your FTP client & HTML editor or worse, contact your designer/developer and pay a fortune to change one line of text.

WISDOM's Pegasus CMS runs in your web browser. You can log-in from anywhere in the world and edit the content directly on the page, as it appears to the end user, without any complicated menus or abstracted textfields - just click on an editable region and start typing! No special software required.

Several predetermined text styles are selected by WISDOM’s designers so your new content remains true to the original design and ensures consistent branding.

Upload images, change page templates, insert new pages, embed YouTube videos, add hyperlinks, reorder menu items and much more.

Support for major browsers.

The Pegasus CMS has been built from the ground up with compatibility in mind. It is fully functional under all of the prominent desktop operating systems (Windows 7/8, Mac OS X, and Linux variants). It doesn’t take up any space on your computer and only requires an internet connection and a modern web-browser. Whether you’re a die-hard Firefox user or a Google Chrome supporter, Pegasus CMS has you covered!

Pegasus CMS supports Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox

Search Engine Friendly

Getting your website to the top of Google used to be a time-consuming and troublesome process. Pegasus CMS has been developed to automatically apply a number of search engine optimisation techniques to your website. You can also edit the metadata for pages on your site - special content which is read by search-engines and aids in indexing and correctly categorising your site.

Detailed Statistics & Revisions

Monitoring your website statistics is a useful way to determine where your visitors are most active and as a tool to improve your marketing efforts. Pegasus leverages the power and proven track-record of Google Analytics to bring you charts and graphs for your website. You can view which pages are receiving the most hits, how many people are visiting your site and where your traffic is coming from - all from within the comfort of the Pegasus CMS!

Pegasus tracks each time a page is edited on your site and saves a copy of your changes. You can browse through the revisions of each page, monitor changes, and revert to previous content. In addition, approving (or requesting approval for) your changes is made simple using Pegasus CMS. Pages can be marked as "draft", "published", or "hidden" and private encrypted approval URLs can be shared with VIPs (no login required!).

Multi-Layered Security

Pegasus CMS provides much needed security in an era of malicious hackers and computer viruses. WISDOM endeavours to bring your site regular security patches and timely responses to growing needs.

Encrypted revision URLs, per-page editing permissions, revision tracking, limited simultaneous logins, optional SSL encryption, salted and encrypted passwords, lockouts after too many failed login attempts, input filtering, crash reporting, file upload whitelists / blacklists, session management, and much more...