Website Design & Development

Our websites don’t just look great, they’re crafted to become a dynamic marketing asset for your business. From the get go, we help you identify how your website can assist with your overall marketing, and then we develop the information architecture, the interface and the user experience to help achieve your marketing goals.

Need something simple and effective? No problem. After something bespoke with custom features that help streamline your business? We’ve got you covered. WISDOM has a range of website design and development services. Backed with a user-friendly CMS, e-commerce options, and powerful Australian based web servers. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

And it doesn’t just end with launching a new website. Our Digital Marketing services can help leverage your website investment by ensuring it is ranking well in Google with SEO, continually optimised with UX and performance monitoring and most importantly achieving customer conversions for your business.

Website Strategy

A website strategy is your masterplan for ensuring users find the information they are after with efficiency and ease. 

We’ll analyse exactly how your website can add value to your business and develop a project scope that ensures a new website achieves your objectives. This can include reviewing the information architecture, your content, the functionality and how the website fits into your overall marketing plan.

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Web Design - UI & UX Design

The User Interface (UI) is where we’ll represent your brand while presenting the information in an engaging and inspiring way. We can develop prototypes of the UI and ensure it displays beautifully across all devices. 

The User Experience (UX) is a critical part of the website’s effectiveness. You’ll want to ensure your website leads the user on a desired path and that your web visitors find what they want easily, whilst making the most of cross promotion opportunities. This is where our heat mapping, a/b testing and screen recordings can really assist.

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Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you the ability to update your website and publish your content regularly, with ease.

WISDOM leverages the world’s most popular and powerful CMS, WordPress.

With its robust editing features, and a suite of plugins to help drive your online marketing, WISDOM can show you how to extend your website to become a valuable asset for your business.

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Buying products online is a modern convenience that most people are comfortable with. Can your business benefit from an online store? We’ll help set up an e-commerce solution that suits your business and helps you drive conversions and sales. It’s important to consider filters, cross promotions and deliver on the expectations of a modern consumer, whilst providing a seamless sales integration for your business.

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Campaign Microsites

Certain campaign activity may require the development of a dedicated promotional microsite. If you’re driving increased traffic to your website via online advertising, your landing page UX and UI needs to perform to maximise your lead generation efforts. A microsite can be crafted to boost your campaign performance and can prove to be a flexible option.

Destination Websites

We’ve designed and developed many destination websites for the tourism industry, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on. Whether it’s integrating with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW), a booking engine or Trip Advisor, providing an interactive map with a trip planning tool, or offering our expert advice for optimising your content for the holiday making audience – we can show you many examples of successful websites.

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Website Audit

We can leverage our suite of website analytics tools to review your current website and provide recommendations to help guide the improvements of your digital investment. This service may also include specific user testing, heat mapping and screen recordings. It will also investigate the technical elements to identify any issues.

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Bespoke Plugins

Is there an ideal world where your website has a custom feature that will make your life easier? Maybe it will improve the user’s experience and boost your conversion rate. WISDOM’s web team are coders that would love to sink their teeth into a custom plugin. We’ve created many bespoke solutions for organisations that don’t want to settle for an off-the-shelf solution. Talk to us about how we can bring your dream to reality.

Web Hosting & Support

WISDOM use premium, Australian based web servers that have a proven track record of uptime and reliability. With scalable options, we can tailor our business-grade hosting solutions to suit your specific needs. With monitoring, backups and ongoing maintenance, our managed environment provides secure hosting for our clients.

We also provide many support options, including our pre-paid bundles of WISDOM Block Hours, and make a commitment of being responsive to your urgent support requests. Talk to your Account Manager to determine the best fit for your needs.

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