Support Block Hours

With your WISDOM website and your Allocated Support hours that are included in your Annual Web Services fee, you should never have a problem editing and managing your website.

But what happens when you need a bit of extra help or something unexpected goes wrong? Especially those little things that pop up from time to time.  This is where WISDOM’s Support Block Hours are the perfect solution. Support Block Hours are used to easily access WISDOM web support for anything concerning your website and online environment. 

Simply purchase your required number of Block Support Hours. They will be added to your account.  Then use them whenever you need any specialised support, updates or fixes to your website, domain or emails. Simply contact WISDOM web support and your request will be carried out quickly and efficiently. The time taken will simply be logged against your Support Block Hour account. 

Support Block Hours are here to support you

  • Have the peace of mind of knowing that WISDOM can help you with any issues you may have
  • Take away the time consuming hassle of raising purchase orders and paying invoices for small jobs
  • Save money by not having to pay a minimum fee. You are only paying for the time taken
  • When you have hours in your account your issue can be resolved straight away

You can use Block Support Hours for most anything regarding your website! Fixes, content and even small development jobs. 

Block Support Hour Pricing

How do I use my Block Support Hours? 

Simply contact WISDOM support via phone 1300 655 147 or email
Report your issue and your request will be performed. The time taken will be logged against your Support Block Hour accounts. You can contact WISDOM at any time to get a balance of your remaining Support Block Hours.

What can I use my Block Support Hours on?

Any issues for your website that are not already included in your Annual Website Services including:

  • Issues caused by client error
  • Issues caused by a 3rd party i.e. API’s, new browser version releases
  • Installation or issues relating to SSL certificates
  • Recovery of a backup (if possible)
  • Additional CMS training sessions at WISDOM offices. Or client office (excluding travel time).
  • CMS instruction via Skype or phone
  • Any domain name issues
  • Any content changes, additions or edits. i.e. new or editing of pages, text or images
  • Minor redevelopment work. Larger development work may be better suited to be a separate job.