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Design and Develop your iPhone and Android app with Wisdom.

Mobile devices are so hot right now! But they are not a flash in the pan trend... they are here to stay. Many businesses are seeing the importance of integrating mobile devices with their online campaigns and web presence, utilising this pervasive technology. WISDOM can develop fun apps, responsive websites, and specialised campaigns for iPhones, iPads, & Android devices.

Mobile app design

Smart Phone Apps.

Apps are fast becoming one of the biggest money making devices in this increasingly technological reliant era. Not only do they offer games, but apps are developed for day to day lifestyle management including productivity, financial management, weather, shopping, social networking, the list goes on... Literally. Apps are a great way for businesses to share information, gain awareness of brand and gather word of mouth momentum... “Have you seen my cool new app?”. Apps need to be something appealing, especially if you want to charge money for them, and that’s where industry specific apps can be a real advantage. By using social media to integrate your app, you will increase your brand awareness through positive referrals.

Responsive, Adaptive, and Dedicated Mobile Websites (m.website.com.au)

It’s one thing to have your website online, and accessible to mobile devices. It’s another thing to have a mobile specific website developed for easier mobile navigation. Don't make your visitors pinch-and-zoom your desktop website, let WISDOM help you develop a mobile optimised design that scales to fit their 5-inch phones, 9-inch tablets, 14-inch laptops, 24-inch desktops, and 50-inch televisions.

Location Alerts.

Most modern smart phones have GPS and/or geolocation capabilities. Smart phone campaigns utilising location devices can be used for promotional alerts and coupons... Or just to help your visitors find your nearest location!

Web Apps.

Web apps are an easy and accessible way for your business to get started with apps. iPhone, Android, Windows Phone... It doesn’t matter which platform you’re using - you can run a web app! Unlike most mobile apps, which are platform-specific, web apps can run on any mobile with a modern web-browser. Think of it as a mobile website you can download to your phone and install for offline use.

QR Codes.

Have you ever seen a funny looking square puzzle in the corner of an advertisement, poster or on a brochure, asking you to scan it with your phone? "What the heck is that?", you might ask. It’s a QR Code. These codes can be scanned by smart phones just like a bar code at the supermarket, but instead of giving a price it can link people to your website, display your business contact details, invite people to a calendar event, present map location details or even just transmit a special message. QR codes are a great new way to develop interaction an interest in your promotions.