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Hosting & Support.

Website builds are not "set and forget". You need to partner with a web development company that can provide ongoing support. 

WISDOM provides this with our Annual Web Services that are delivered by our Australian inhouse support team to ensure you are protected from any unexpected issues.

WISDOM's Annual Web Services makes website management simple. If you have any issues at all. Contact us.
Annual Website Services include everything you need to edit and update your website along with other services to help ensure your website runs smoothly. 
Annual Web Services are tailored to each individual clients need and include:

1) Pegasus Content Management System (CMS)

- Use of Pegasus Business Grade CMS.
  Pegasus is a business grade CMS used to edit and update your website. It is feature rich, has integrated SEO, is extremely easy to use with true WYSIWYG inline editing and alot more.
- Unlimited fixes of CMS if caused by a Pegasus failure
- Caching of pages images for fast page load speeds
- Multiple users


WISDOM at all times takes responsibility for the provision and management of website hosting.
WISDOM runs highly available and secure servers that are configured and maintained only by WISDOM. No external FTP access is permitted.
WISDOM uses cloud-hosted infrastructure for fast and reliable deliverability. WISDOM offers a range of scalable server configurations depending on a client's specific needs. This includes scalability, website size, load, critical availability, security and site and page speeds. As well as the ability to configure a server if unusual heavy traffic is expected ie due to a campaign.
This is delivered by WISDOM’s server configurations that include:
- Load balanced servers which split traffic to keep hosts performing healthily and provide failsafes
- Autoscaling for high traffic events where additional servers automatically spin up to split the traffic for zero to minimal downtime
- Multiple points of redundancy
- Caching of content like images, social feeds etc. on a global cloud CDN with high transfer rates, for fast delivery to users

3) Backups and monitoring

WISDOM offers backups of client websites including daily and monthly file backups, as well as daily database backups. Hosting environments are monitored to ensure visibility of website.

4) Support

- Any issues regarding hosting or availability of the website
- Diagnosis of any website issues
- Any quick fixes, CMS issues and instructions (depending on your package)
- All other support requests via WISDOM Support Block Hours system
Support is via the WISDOM’s Australian based Support Team during business hours 8.30am - 5.00pm (excluding weekends and public holidays).
Support can be accessed via phone (02) 42265655 or email