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Social Media Communications

Creating an impressionable personality through your social media communications is a huge key to good relationship building. It is more important than ever for companies to convey a specific and memorable personality so consumers can picture the person behind the brand. Social media is about conversations, people having conversations with other people, not faceless corporations. So it is important to come across as a person talking with people, not at them, unlike traditional one-way media.

So, how do you balance the personal brand personality with the professional? See our top 6 tips below.

  1. Be conversational
  2. Be ‘personal’ not ‘private’
  3. Listen and respond consistently
  4. Add value to your observations
  5. Use questions instead of statements
  6. Use pictures and videos

Find out how a social media and content strategy tailored for your organisation, can help you to get that conversation following.

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