Rules of Attraction

Written by: Melissa        Date:  7/9/20        Expertise:  Strategy

The importance of strategy

Isn’t it funny how some ads stick in your mind long after you’ve seen them, while you can’t even remember the product of others? Why do food ads appear an hour before dinner time? Why is the football always crammed with beer and car ads, while day time television is filled with ads selling cleaning product and DIY gadgets. Well, it’s no coincidence. It is the strategy behind the media placement.

It’s not just television either, media placement affects radio, digital and online advertising, social media, electronic direct mail, newspaper and magazines, billboards, bus advertising, letterbox drop, cinema ads, product placement in films, shopping centre advertising, supermarket aisle layout, sports sponsorships, charity partnerships… the list is endless. 

In an increasingly world full of clutter, it is the strategy behind media planning that allows your advertising to hone in on your target demographic. A comprehensive media schedule is crucial to the success of any campaign, ensuring the most cost effective, targeted solution for your advertising budget.

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