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TV & Video Production.

WISDOM uses a combination of many disciplines to produce TVC's and corporate videos. We use our marketing and advertising knowledge along with design and creative input. From shooting and production to animation and 3D.

WISDOM's video production services cover two main areas, television commercial production (TVC's) and corporate DVD's. Both are produced in accordance to correct industry standards.

Television Commercials

WISDOM will handle every aspect of your television commercial production. It's an area where many WISDOM disciplines combine together. From knowing what the most effective message is from a marketing perspective to getting it across in the most visually appealing manner. We will script the advert for you, do the shooting, arrange models if necessary and produce the advert. Production may not just be editing the footage but could also include animation or 3D work depending on the advert.

Lights, camera, action! WISDOM will provide the personnel and equipment required to do any shoot required. Be it an internal stage shoot or on location. 

We'll ensure your TV advert is compliant. WISDOM produces TVC's that are in accordance with broadcast production standards to meet specific requirements. WISDOM also handles CAD approvals to ensure your advert is compliant with the Australian Television Standards. We also arrange delivery to ensure your advert is delivered correctly to the networks to their specifications.


WISDOM can produces engaging corporate videos from start to finish. We will advise you the best ways to communicate your desired messaging. How it should be scripted, the concept, the duration and the creative feel. We will arrange the full production of the project either using your existing footage or doing a new shoot. Shooting can be on location or on a closed set. All material is shot in HD format. WISDOM can also advise and arranges props and models.

Video for all types of projects. Staff training, information packages, promotions, corporate profiles are just a few examples of the type of projects we work on. Just let us know your project and we'll be sure to help.

We also produce video for formats. We can supply the final project in broadcast quality or used as web content, You Tube, email, social or mobile.