Wisdom Block Hours

WISDOM BLOCK HOURS are designed with your convenience in mind, offering you an easy way to engage with our services. With these hours at your disposal, you’ll be prepared whenever you require our support, ensuring that your business operations run smoothly and efficiently.


These service hours are perfectly suited for:

  • Small General Graphic Design Tasks: Whether you have ongoing design needs for the implementation of your brand or require quick updates, WISDOM BLOCK HOURS are ideal for addressing these requests swiftly and effectively.
  • Website Support: Keep your website in top-notch condition with our support. From minor tweaks to technical assistance, our block hours have got you covered.

It’s important to note that for more complex projects and strategic services that demand our expertise, we will continue to provide customised quotes based on the scope of work. This approach ensures that you receive value-driven solutions that go beyond mere time spent, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Block Hours Pricing

Unlock the Power of Bulk Purchasing

The more WISDOM BLOCK HOURS you buy, the more cost-effective they become. They don’t expire, so stock up now to take advantage of the cheaper hourly rates and ensure uninterrupted support for your projects.

How do I use my Block Support Hours? 

Simply contact WISDOM support via phone 1300 655 147 or email info@wisdom.com.au
We can give you an estimate of how many hours your request might take before we start. Once you give the approval, we’ll complete the task and the time we take will be logged against your Wisdom Block Hours account. You can contact WISDOM at any time to get a balance of your remaining Wisdom Block Hours and we can export an activity report to show you exactly what tasks have been actioned and the time allocated for each request.