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Social Media.

Social media is the online conversation that millions of people are having on a minute by minute basis that is growing at a staggering rate. 

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Social media is now the "must have" in the marketers tool box. Business can use social media to engage and connect with customers. But it is critical that this form of marketing is communicating a message that aligns with your brand, and demonstrates a commitment to engagement with your target audience. WISDOM can develop a social network marketing plan to establish a consistent social media presence for your company's brand. This can include:

- Designing a social network strategy
- Developing a social network plan
- Management of the plan
- Implementing the appropriate social network tools
- Communication guidelines
- Setup of accounts, passwords and acquiring user names (if required)

It's all about the content

It is not just about where you say it. We also advise on what to say. We help you with your content so that you are creating high value sharable content.