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Search Engine Marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation can only go so far in terms of driving traffic to your website. You might be appearing in the organic listing when a user searches for your specific business, products or services, but you can also put yourself in front of potential customers when they are searching for your competitors or browsing some of their favourite websites? That's where Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can really help increase your site visitation.

But it's not just visits you need - it's the right type of visits that lead to a sales conversion.

WISDOM's access to patented technology helps optimise any budget you spend on SEM to make sure that it is focused on areas that are driving the quality leads to your website.

And with a host of tools available, such as call recording, you can identify every visit that originates from your SEM spend and review the lead to ensure it is being handled effectively. Here are a number of associated Search Engine Marketing products that may form part of your marketing mix:

Pay Per Click Search Marketing

This is your traditional Google Adwords type of campaign. But we will make sure that your budget is optimised to the keywords that are driving the best leads to your website so that over a short period of time you see great results.

Display Advertising

Great for brand awareness when people are not searching for you but are looking on other websites on the web. Get your message in front of them, make it engaging and attract them over to your website.


A powerful form of SEM that works in two ways. You can remarket a display advertisement to people that have visited your website and then navigated away to other sites. This helps to keep your brand in front of them after they have shown an interest in your business. We can also help you to retarget people who are searching for relevant products and services. We know they are interested in something you have to sell, so we'll serve display adverts to them while they are looking at some of their other favourite websites.

A lot of sophisticated technology sits behind these Search Engine Marketing services, and WISDOM can help you harness these tools and maximise the investment you've made in your web presence. Get in touch with us to find out more and to tailor a customised campaign.