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Prep for Rebound.

What ever you do don’t waste this moment

In this unprecedented time of Covid-19, after an already challenging start to 2020, businesses are finding themselves in unchartered territory.

And for those able to adapt or bunker down, and access government support, this time right now might just present one of the biggest opportunities your business has seen in a long time.

We talk to many different clients, daily, big and small, from a wide range of industries, and we know that one of their biggest challenges is time.

Time to invest in reviewing their current marketing strategy, to initiate that website update or to refresh their tired brand.

So capitalise on this moment, right now, to invest in the preparation of some kick-ass marketing.

Put your business in a position to be able to rebound with engaging new content, and a smart marketing plan that earns you the attention of the right customers.

Here's some tips on how you can use this time...


Step back and take a good look at your business

• Is your brand still connecting effectively with your audience?

• Are there marketing opportunities yet to be explored?

• Is your digital presence ahead of the game?

• Do you have a social media strategy?

• What do you want your business to look like in 2021 and beyond?

This is a game changing time. Businesses are learning things about themselves they never knew before. It’s time to adapt, evolve and innovate.

Because if you don’t, you could get left behind.

brand review



Devise a clear strategy to guide your business into greater success.

• Use this time to create a clear strategy

• Assign a budget 

• Establish an action plan with responsibilities

An effective social media strategy can take weeks to plan properly. 

A marketing strategy and communications plan can take a few months to craft. 

A business-grade website populated with engaging content can take even longer.

Now is the time to act!

strategic marketing



Line up all of those ducks and prepare all of your marketing to hit the ground running when it’s time to rebound.

• Refresh your branding

• Elevate your digital presence, including your website and social media

• Activate a compelling advertising campaign

When the rebound comes, you’ll be busier than ever running your business and no longer have the time to devote to planning your marketing strategy. That’s why this time is so precious. Capitalise on this moment.

we're here to help


So do it for yourself NOW.  But also do it for Wollongong and the region as a whole.

Just imagine, if as many Wollongong businesses as possible took this approach right now. To elevate their business offering, to market themselves more effectively, to improve their digital presence. Imagine what that can do for the entire region.

So that Wollongong can bounce back, even stronger than before, when we once again get to Press Play.

Talk to an account manager to find out how we can best help you to prepare for your rebound.