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Marketing Plans.

A marketing plan needs to assist in bringing together all the mechanics of your business, assess your company offerings, understand customer appeal and consider target markets. All while taking into account your positioning.

WISDOM produces complete marketing plans or can assist company CEOs or marketing managers produce their own. Though a word of warning. We are not going to produce a long, laborious monolouge. WISDOM's plans tend to cut straight to the point. If it's not clear and concise and easy to follow it will end up collecting dust on a shelf. 


We'll listen to what you want to achieve. We'll bring together your business goals, your future plans and help create your story. We'll ensure you have input along the way as it's important for you and your staff to take ownership.


WISDOM will help find those key elements that are the difference between you and your competition, never mind how slight they are. This leads to how we position your company and how your customer makes informed decisions on whether or not to deal with you.


Some kind of market segmentation will be required and WISDOM will help flesh that out. It's important to focus your attention to specific areas of your business. You must ensure that you are "something to someone" not "everything to nobody."


Many businesses try to be innovative in a very fast moving economic world. WISDOM will look at ways to innovate your marketing and keep pace with what is relevant today in your marketplace and how you can use new media methods and communication channels to ensure you are front of mind in today's world.