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Campaign Management.

When WISDOM manages a campaign it normally requires all aspects of strategy, planning and creative application. It's working all elements together to create an integrated result all with the end game of gaining maximum exposure of the message you'd like to communicate.

The advantage of WISDOM being a full service agency is that all aspects of the campaign occurs in house. WISDOM can ensure that the campaign is homogeneous and that each aspect of the campaign compliments the other to work effectively. A campaign managed by WISDOM will address any marketing, creative or media requirements you might require.

We enhance your marketing department, or often we are your marketing department.

You may not have all the marketing resources within your staff. WISDOM can fill that gap. We take away all the logistical issues of managing a campaign. Imagine every little problem and frustration associated with handling a large, expensive campaign. Now wrap them all up and pass them to us. Being a full service agency means WISDOM is able to deal with all aspects of a campaign. From planning, timings, and dealing with the media right through to creative development and production of any printed material you may want.

We get to know your campaign objectives.

Planning your campaign can help reaffirm business objectives and will encourage positive changes for the future. After we get to know you we'll manage your campaign and take into account your current strengths, while looking for opportunities present in the market. WISDOM can provide you with recommendations as how to improve your ongoing campaigns.

We go long term or short term. Its about what's best for you.

WISDOM tends to work with companies who have a need for an ongoing marketing function. Specific campaigns are then built into the overall plan. However, WISDOM will at times work on short one off campaigns depending on the client and what the needs are. If unsure contact us to discuss your requirements.