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Advertising, Marketing & Brand Strategy.

Step one is to know what your goal is. From there any effective marketing and advertising must have a clear and considered strategy.

The biggest mistake we see is the unplanned, "shoot from the hip", reactive marketing approach. It simply does not work and wastes money.

WISDOM prescribes a planned approach.

strategic planning

Campaign Management

WISDOM is a full service agency that can enhance your marketing and build your campaign. We can help with planning and timing through to creative development and production. >>

Media Planning

WISDOM can identify the best forms of media for your campaign, we ensure your advertisements appear in your appropriate location and have the most effect on your target market. >>

Marketing Plans

WISDOM can produce marketing plans to achieve business goals. We understand customer appeal and target markets and can help bring together your story and achieve future goals. >>

Brand Strategy

WISDOM can help develop a unique brand to differentiate your business in the market place. We can assist in building a brand personality and brand equity. >>


Wisdom advises its clients on the best approach to take with complete online marketing strategies. We can assist with your social media strategy and interaction to meet online goals. >>

Prep for Rebound

What ever you do don’t waste this moment In this unprecedented time of Covid-19, after an already challenging start to 2020, businesses are finding themselves in unchartered territory. And for… >>

WISDOM takes the time to get to know your business and to uncover the types of things that can be marketed to help your business become a success. We'll assist with positioning your brand and provide a clear direction in a way that will have your key stakeholders engaged and committed. These solid foundations of strategy will give your business the underlying confidence to execute your future marketing activity.

WISDOM offers our clients Strategic Services including Strategic Planning, Brand Development, Campaign Management, Media Planning and Marketing.

Our Process.

Having a clear direction for your marketing is essential. WISDOM can tailor a solution to meet your business needs via a strategic branding consultation. From there we will work with you closely to develop and implement branding and marketing strategies that carve a special place in the market for your business.

Documenting and organising a strategic plan may be difficult for any business to do alone. Involving WISDOM as a third party will allow you to refine your goals and aspirations for your business, making them relevant not only for your business, but also for clients and customers. Planning will allow a clear vision for the future of your business to be established. Communicating goals in a strategic manner allows all stakeholders in your business to have a clear understanding of what direction the business, and in turn your marketing, is taking. 

You may want WISDOM to manage your entire marketing budget and all of your brand implementation, or you may simply want some marketing advice to help get your business moving in the right direction. Get in touch with us to discuss an approach that suits your particular business.