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Performance Optimisation & User Experience (UX)

Understanding that your website is a digital asset of your business that requires an ongoing level of investment and maintenance is key. It’s important your business leverages the initial investment made in the website build and also in any digital marketing and advertising activity by ensuring your website is performing at its potential.

If small tweaks and slight adjustments end up delivering more traffic, more leads and more conversions – that’s gotta be a good thing, right?

When a user lands on your website, you want to create an experience where they feel like they’ve come to the right place. They can easily find what they are looking for, are engaged enough to look a bit deeper, with the goal of taking some kind of action.

Well, how do you know if the structure, design and content on your website landing page is the best layout? You test it! WISDOM can help develop strategies to tweak and test sections of your website, split testing versions to a portion of your web visitors, and gaining insights that help identify the best website structure for your business.

We may look at screen recordings, user testing, heat mapping and other analytics insights and tracking to make sure your website is crafted to deliver results.

Due to WISDOM being your full service branding and digital marketing agency, our passionate team of uniquely skilled staff can be incorporated into your project throughout any stage. This means your User Interface (UI) will be enhanced via our website designers, our Marketing specialists will review the user journey to help identify opportunities for business growth, and our website developers and analytics team can attend to the technical improvements on your website.

We’ll also use our specialist tools to review other areas of your website performance, to address any alerts and issues, and to ensure it works seamlessly across multiple browsers and devices, loads with speed, and aligns with Google’s recommendations for Search Engine Optimisation.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can improve the performance of your website and create a user experience that increases conversions for your business.

Understanding Performance Optimisation and UX

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