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Digital Advertising

When executing an advertising campaign you’ll want to make sure your message is served to the right audience at the right time. And where is your audience? You guessed it – online.

But what separates a mediocre digital advertising campaign from a successful one that goes above industry benchmarks and drives more conversions for your business? Well, there’s a few key elements that we ensure work harmoniously to deliver great results for your advertising dollar.

After learning about your marketing objectives and identifying opportunities, we’ll carefully select the digital media that aligns with your specific campaign. It’s important you don’t waste money on platforms or channels that aren’t suited to your campaign objectives.

These digital media advertising channels might include social media advertising, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others. There may be a mix of html5 rich media display advertising executed throughout the digital display networks and Search Engine Marketing with Google Ads. We’ll consider video advertising on platforms like YouTube and digital television channels such as Catchup TV. There’s also options for Native advertising for content marketing and digital radio. This media can include a mix of prospecting activity and also retargeting users to help drive them back and convert on your website.

Effectiveness of the design of the digital assets, and the way your landing page is crafted, are just as important as the media selection. And due to WISDOM being your full service branding and digital marketing agency, we’re well positioned to create an integrated campaign that covers every element of the user journey, making sure the creative is compelling, appropriate for the media format, and ultimately lifting your click through rate.

Click Through Rate is one metric, but merely getting clicks is certainly not what it’s all about. We ensure we’re delivering the right types of quality leads that are most likely to result in a conversion for your business.

And when a user connects to your landing page, we’ll craft a user journey that keeps them engaged, encourages web event conversions and leverages this increase in your website traffic for your ongoing marketing.

All the while, WISDOM will be constantly monitoring and testing your digital advertising channels and assets, to review the top performers and to continually optimise the campaign. It’s this attention to detail, and strong results focus that makes sure your campaign is managed effectively and contributes to a successful digital advertising campaign.

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Understanding Digital Advertising

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