Holiday Haven

Stay Longer Marketing Campaign

Holiday Haven decided to activate a Winter promotion that involved guests being able to extend their stay for free.
WISDOM created a campaign concept that communicates the message in a graphic way, through the use of the stretched ‘o’ in the word ‘longer’.
This graphic element wraps around photos of people enjoying the Shoalhaven region, achieving a striking image that grabs the attention of the viewer.
It proved to be a flexible device, able to be reproduced across a range of images showcasing different activities and demographics. This assisted the campaign to avoid creative wear-out, whilst retaining the campaign identity, and allowed for split testing within our digital advertising.
WISDOM created a variety of digital assets including a video, which were executed across targeted digital channels. All media connected to a campaign landing page that we crafted to capture leads and facilitate conversions through to the booking platform.
This campaign achieved fantastic results based on the offer’s condition of being a members only promotion. It achieved click-through-rates well above industry benchmarks and led to an influx of bookings over a typically quieter period.