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Media Planning.

If you are an advertiser that uses mass media it's likely to be the biggest marketing investment you'll make for your business. So how do you use or choose your media? Many advertisers often use highly arbitrary methods to select media with little or no understanding of its effectiveness. WISDOM assists clients in making informed decisions on the most suitable combination and frequency of media.

Various factors must be considered when selecting media for a specific campaign. WISDOM makes decisions based on specific research tools and target market data, whilst also considering the creative execution of the advertisement, to ensure that the media is complimentary to itself.

WISDOM has dedicated media planners who have a vast amount of knowledge in the area. We will identify which media forms are best suited to a campaign, and ensure that your advertisements appear in the appropriate location and receive the appropriate amount of exposure in order to prompt memory recognition from your target market.

Independent Advice.

WISDOM is an advertising agency that uses all available media. We are not aligned or affiliated to any one media so are not biased in our decision making. We make our recommendations based on what is best for our clients.

Easy to Understand Schedules.

Our media team will put together a media schedule outlining the campaign in a manner which is easily understood. Your media schedule will be customised to your marketing and creative needs in order to meet the objectives of your campaign.

Media Booking & Buying.

WISDOM has established relationships with many media corporations to ensure that you are not limited in your selection of media use for your campaign. WISDOM can also book and buy media where required.

Minimise Your Spend.

Are budget constraints leaving you torn between reach and frequency? Are you concerned with how to follow new media trends? Are you sure your media budget is being spent wisely? WISDOM addresses issues like this when planning your media to get the most out of your media spend.