Social Network Marketing

Social Networking is a new marketing vehicle that many are taking advantage of. But it is critical that this form of marketing is communicating a message that aligns with your brand, and demonstrates a commitment to engagement with your target audience.

Social Network Marketing on sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Linked In and online marketing techniques are bringing your business message to thousands of people daily for a fraction of the cost involved in traditional marketing campaigns. Every page impression and conversion is tracked - clearly demonstrating your ROI.

+ To Network Or Not To Network?

Networking is the key to a successful business. This is how the majority of deals are made, jobs are won, sales are made, and wealth is created thanks to the power of rapport and meeting up with the right people at the right time. Thanks to social networking this can be done faster than via traditional methods. It also expands the network opportunities. No longer is networking just a local affair, it is now global. However, you need to know what social media is right for your particular business, and your clientele.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ & Linked-In are just some of the social networks that WISDOM can help you leverage

+ Social Network Analysis

Social networking is time consuming, and can be hit and miss depending on the message and the networking site. WISDOM can analyse your existing social network marketing, assessing what works and what doesn’t. From this information, WISDOM can make recommendations and strategies on the best ways for your brand to engage in these social networks.

+ Social Network Marketing Plan

WISDOM can develop a social network marketing plan to establish a consistent social media presence for your companies brand. This can include:
- Designing a social network strategy
- Developing a social network plan
- Management of the plan
- Implementing the appropriate social network tools
- Communication guidelines
- Setup of accounts, passwords and acquiring user names (if required)