Online Advertising

Advertising online can be a long and laborious process if it is not handled correctly. Our team is well versed in various online marketing techniques from EDM (email marketing) to Social Network Marketing. WISDOM can help you choose the right combination of online advertising avenues to maximise your marketing efforts. Contact WISDOM to arrange a quote!

+ Affiliate/Contextual Marketing & Behavioural Targeting

Online advertising offers benefits that cannot be replicated through traditional advertising methods. WISDOM can create your next expandable banner ad, interactive Flash ad, static banner advertisement or other creative advertising content. When developing your next product consider a targeted online campaign or a fun microsite to further your branding and increase product recognition.

+ Google AdWords

Google AdWords has developed into an online ad distribution platform which can serve its advertisements to millions of users on a daily basis. Their adverts can be seen on many prevalent sites such as the Google search engine, YouTube & gMail. Every time your ad appears it is tracked. Advertisements can be ordered in advance on a cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand page impressions (CPM).

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